After changing jobs in April, and unexpectedly again in June, I needed a little more excitement in my life and decided to join PitchWars, a novel-pitching contest.  I’ve been sitting on a novel for a few years, not really doing much with it anyway.

It’s strange to think that I first had the idea in 2005, was only able to complete the first draft of the novel ten years later in 2015, and then promptly left it alone.  I’ve only been able to complete a half-draft on it before June (in January with the RAD table writing group I joined), my progress fizzled out as my employment took a hit.

Now that I’m gainfully employed again, July saw me able to (nearly) complete 2 revisions on it in short succession.  It really pays to have people’s eyes on something offering advice and encouragement.  It’s been a nice distraction from other events, and I’ve been grateful for the opportunity.  All of this work has given me hope that maybe one day some one else will read it besides me and my closest friends.   Either way, it’s been fun!

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